Why EV

Why switch to Electric Vehicle?

Tens of reasons. But three of them are:

75% pollution comes from vehicles
A small gas car emits 960 kilogram of CO2/ year while a motorcycle emits 272 kilogram of CO2/ year
Peaceful and calm minds in a super-quiet environment
70% of motorists believe that a quieter cabin improves their mood and reduce stress
Bonus: With QUEST you will remove 1,000 kilograms from the atmosphere
We will donate to plant 25 trees for every vehicle product we sell to anyone

How efficient is Atom Alpha compared to Pertalite scooters?

Atom Alpha: 33 Wh / km. 35/1000 * Rp 1.352 per kWh = Rp 45 / km
Regular scooters running on Pertalite: 50 km / liter Pertalite. Rp 7650 / 50 = Rp 153 / km
So if you drive 10.000km in a year, you will save Rp 1.080.000 that year using QUEST Atom Alpha. Enough to pay your smartphone phone and data plan for the whole year

Wait…What is EV again?

An abbreviation of EV which also means electric vehicle. There are several types of EVs: standard EVs, also known as battery-powered electric vehicles (BEVs) such as QUEST and Tesla; hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) such as the Nissan Kicks e power and Toyota Prius; and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) such as the Toyota Prius PHV and Chevrolet Volt. To focus on the discussion in this FAQ, we will assume EV as the BEV type.

What is the difference between EV and regular combustion-engine vehicles?

EVs stand out from most cars on the market as they do not run on gasoline, these vehicles run solely on battery power. No exhaust. Zero emission

What are the advantages of EV?

EV has several such components for manufacturing far fewer products, more environmentally friendly (no vehicle emissions), cheaper to operate, smarter and easier to maintain.

How do I learn more about EV so I feel good owning one?

We want to start a community with this project. We have access to amazing resources and can work with you guys to continuously expand this project and develop additional products where requested. To be honest, we just can’t wait to get stuck in and see where this new concept we are pioneering takes us. Thank you so much for your support and we look forward to working with you all! Factory warranty (1yr) is present for battery, motor, controller and display- for the rest if you have an issue just let us know and we will help you sort it out!

Atom Alpha 101

What is it designed for?

Atom Alpha is designed for experiencers. People who have been hearing about electric vehicles in the media and would like to understand how it feels to buy, ride and own one. And learn from the best people (in QUEST) about this new movement, or you may call it “a new lifestyle”.
At this price range and specification, this is safest and most fun product to experiment with EV and experience the similar feelings as if you own a Tesla

How does the bike arrive? Do I need to assemble it?

No need to assemble. Just charge for 3 hours and you should be good to go

May I ride my Atom Alpha in the rain?

Yes, you may ride your bike in the rain. Note that the Atom Alpha is not meant for use in puddles, heavy rain, and riding through streams. Never immerse this product in water as the electrical system may be damaged. Take extra care while riding in wet conditions. Learn to brake earlier and gradually as it will take longer to slow than when operating in dry conditions. It is recommended to decrease your riding speed as well as it is important to wear reflective clothing and use approved safety lights. Road hazards are more difficult to see when wet, proceed with caution.
If you leave your bike out in the rain, make sure the bike is covered.

What is the range difference between the ALPHA LITE, PLAY and PRO models?

ALPHA LITE has the smallest battery, 240 watt-hours, and a range of more than 8 km
ALPHA PLAY has the smallest battery, 480 watt-hours, and a range of more than 16 km
ALPHA PRO has the largest battery, 720 watt-hours, and a range of more than 24 km

May I ride my Atom Alpha in the main busy road?

It is designed for a short ride within your home complex, villa; enjoying views while breathing clean air. Definitely not like the busiest roads in Jakarta. Treat this like a scooter.

What kind of warranty and after-sales service does QUEST offer?

Frame 5 years
Battery, Motor 15 months
Free Home Service: 2x checkup + 1x Brake Replacement within 12 months after purchase

Can I upgrade the battery or the range in the future?

Extra battery to add range will be available in our web and app modification store for purchase in the near future.

Owning an EV

How do I install the charger for my QUEST Atom Alpha at home?

Scooter and Motorcycle charging system is small and can be plugged just like your phone charger; different from most people’s understanding that all EV chargers will be Tesla’s super huge charger running on 50kW.
Lite Charger is 100W. Play and Pro Charger is 200W. Each is about the size of an adult’s palm and looks like a laptop’s charger. Fit in your backpack. With 2-prong adapter, it can plug anywhere

What happens if I have an issue on my Atom Alpha, who do I call?

Atom Alpha bikes are easy to service and beyond the electronics, it has standard bicycle components. This means that for any typical flat tire replacement, brake adjustments or yearly maintenance you can go see any professional bike mechanic.
For electronics repair and troubleshooting (battery, motor, display, lights, etc) please contact us directly via e-mail or Whatsapp. Our main workshops are located in Bandung and Semarang, Indonesia and can help you troubleshoot easily.
Most issues can be solved over a message, phone, or a video call with one of our technicians. If not, we will send technicians over to you home to perform the repair.
To help expedite the process of Repair and Service, please make sure you have your original invoice, photos and / or videos of the issue and clear description of the problem you are experiencing at hand when contacting us.

Is EV maintenance easy?

Easy. Basic EV maintenance are done through mobile application hence practical. There is no oil that needs to be changed periodically. QUEST EV’s health can also be monitored through the application or home service without having to be taken to a repair shop.

What kind of maintenance does Atom Alpha need?

Apart from every 2 years/ 20.000 km service of brake fluid for disc brake and replacing brake pads for drum brake, QUEST EV diagnostics can be done through QUEST App whenever you need. When problems occur, checks and fixes manuals will be included in the owner’s manual, website or application .

Are the EV service parts easy to obtain?

Yes, we will make sure all parts are available for purchase through our application.

Can I replace the EV battery by myself?

Only if you have experienced working with electrical components and have the proper tools. If not, we would not recommend it you doing the repair yourself. There is a slight chance that excess dirt or moisture may get stuck at the electrical connections which could affect motor performance and potential hazards like electrocution. If there is a problem with the battery, please contact QUEST Consultant for further assistance.

What if the battery is run out in the middle of the road?

Just like any other motorcycle, you have to push it. But the good news is that Atom Alpha is portable and fits most cars’ trunk. Call a Taxi

Can I service QUEST EV at a regular repair shop?

Not all QUEST EV problems concern its electrical system. If the problem lies in mechanical parts such as tires, brakes, frame, or handlebar hinges, service service can be carried out in a regular repair shop.

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