Life is about finding beauty in its simple things and realizing that simplicity is the essence of happiness. Quest means journey/ adventure. Quest to live to the fullest as your true self, creating a positive impact on the world. Finding your purpose through emission-free, fun, practical mobility. As a quote says “Happiness consists in activity. It is running steam, not a stagnant pool”. Like a lifestyle, this journey is unique and personal. Our product will pivot around customizability. Products that can be the extension of an individual’s personality and Lifestyle.


  • nikoquestera

    Niko Questera


    Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Purdue University USA. Niko cofounded and EKRUT.  His experience in the automotive industry including lighting products, firmware testing, production hell and diagnostics came from Tesla and Honda factories. Some of his projects were Tesla Model S/X/3, Acura NSX, Honda Civic.


    Danis Sie

    Design Direction

    Creative direction and design. Danis studied and worked in Singapore. He has experience in various multidisciplinary projects in both commercial and art industry. His works have been featured in British D&AD, Under Consideration, IDN, 360°, Crowbar Singapore, among others. He also run a botanical art project Specimenwerk also as a founder and design director at Sciencewerk Studio.
  • vicky

    Vicky Aziz, Phd


    Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia. Researcher and Entrepreneur who is passionate about edge technology, data science, embedded system, machine learning, and electric vehicle. Experience as a Research Engineer at LG Innotek Indonesia, a researcher at Microsoft Innovation Center, and a CTO for the private defense industry. Some of the projects related to implementing artificial intelligence on the embedded system, designing and developing a telematics IoT system, and a Mobil Listrik Nasional (Molina) team member. Have been published 11 international papers.

  • nico

    Nicolas Santoso

    Industrial & Product Design

    Bachelor of Art in Product Design, Raffles Design Singapore. A visual thinker. Involved in numerous private custom bike project in Indonesia. Collaborated with several local and overseas custom bike builders also runs a motorcycle retail business as well custom bike shop.

  • ferlins

    Ferlin Ashadi, M.T.

    Production Director

    Master of Electrical Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia. Has more than 20 years of experience in various research and development projects, government projects, to various private defense industry projects. Equipped with hands-on experience in both electronics and mechanics, he has handy advantages in leading the production process of electric vehicles, from upstream to downstream.

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